Who do you train?

We train all Law-Abiding U.S. citizens, military, and law enforcement. We will not train those who fall under the prohibited persons under California penal code.


Do I need a special kind of gun for the NRA or Defensive Courses?

For the NRA Basic Pistol Class you do not need any specific pistol. .22s are encouraged for the course as a way to learn fundamentals. Both the NRA Personal Protection In the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home we recommend that you use a self-defense pistol chambered in .380 caliber or higher. For our Defensive Pistol courses we do require a pistol of .380 caliber or higher. Yes, some of our instructors have used smaller for CCW do to clothing requirements for the day but we feel the minimum requirement for a defensive pistol is .380 caliber.


Are your instructors certified?

Our instructors are certified for all courses that require certification by a governing body. Those teaching the ASHI medical course are certified ASHI Instructors and those teaching NRA Courses are all NRA Certified Instructors for that particular discipline. We use instructors from all backgrounds in all disciplines. We have professional instructors on the medical side that have vast experience in both in and out of hospital areas of expertise. On our defensive side our instructors have extensive experience as civilian shooters and trainers and some that come from the law enforcement side. All instructors regardless of experience or background teach to the NorCal MedTac curriculum during their time here.


How much do your courses cost?

Our course prices are listed following the course descriptions.


What types of payment are accepted?

We accept payment via credit card.  We use Paypal.  During payment just click on “I don’t have a paypal account” in order to pay with a card.


What is your refund/cancelation policy?

We currently require payment in full at time of sign up. Contact us if you have a specific need or concern. If a course is cancelled on our behalf you will receive a full refund. If a student cancels within two weeks of the course we will only refund 50% of their payment. Unfortunately we need to pre pay the rent for range space and have to institute this policy. Please ensure you can attend and have ammo or equipment prior to two weeks (14 days) prior or let us know.  If a student cancels within forty-eight (48) hours of a class than then all tuition is forfeited.


Can we get a group discount?

We do not automatically publish a group discount. However, if you are part of a group please contact with your needs and what you are looking for. We will try to balance running a business with attempting to be a good community partner with our citizens.


Do your courses count for the California Conceal Carry Weapon Permit (CCW) training requirement?

CCW FAQs have been moved to CCW FAQ Section.  However, we are teamed up with Markley’s Indoor Range and Gun Shop to provide monthly CCW training.  Our Defensive Pistol 101 & Defensive Pistol 102 as well as NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home count as CCW training for entities we are endorsed by.


What safety measures are in place during classes?

We provide every class regardless of curriculum with a medical plan. Having EMTs and Paramedics on staff increases safety for all. We have never had an incident where we have had to put our plan in place. If you have a specific concern requiring your own conditions or a class in general let us know. NRA courses are run completely in accordance to the NRAs standards. Our Defensive Pistol Courses run as a hot range just like you will if you need that pistol in a defensive situation. There is no 180 rule in life on a two-range and you will be treated like a professional in our defensive courses. Those you don’t act as a professional will be dismissed and not refunded.


Do you teach people with disabilities?

Absolutely! If you feel you fall into this category please contact us with what type of course you are looking at. We will absolutely work with you to provide you with whatever medical or defensive training you are looking for.


What are the IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)? Where do I get one?

IFAKs do not include Band-Aids or other boo-boo type things. An IFAK contains only items required for immediate life-saving needs. Those are; a tourniquet, a hemostatic agent, a chest seal, and an airway device. Many people sell specific kits such as this calling them “blow-out kits” or “trauma kits”. We no longer sell our own kits.  We were not doing the volume that made the price a good value to you so we instead recommend the following companies below.  Old youtube video about what we types of things should go in your kit can be found here on our youtube channel.  This video will be getting updated end of 2019 but the basics premises won’t change.

Dark Angel Medical

North American Rescue

Rescue Essentials


Do you sell ammo?

New as of October 2020!  We are beginning to keep amounts of 9mm and 5.56/.223 on hand for classes to ensure people can train.  These will be available when in stock in the “shopping” are of the page as an add on to the class.  We will be allowing for orders to be shipped to us.  Our goal was never to sell ammo or be a retailer.  However, for students (ones actually taking classes not just following social media pages) we are happy to.  For those just looking for a place to send online orders a fee will be charged. send email to brannon@norcalmedtac.com for more information. 


Do you sell or rent guns?

Yes and No. We are not set up as a FFL nor do we want to deal with the liability of renting guns. If it is a NRA class you are looking for please contact us as we may be able to work something out for you at a particular range that we are holding the course at.  Those doing a group class or those that are closely connected to us or a regular student accommodations can be made.  Force on Force classes our handguns will be used and our conversion bolts in ARs will be used.


How do I sign up?

Once you’ve located an available course on the calendar, click on the “Product” associated with course and add it to your cart. When you ready to check out, you’ll be given the option or using a PayPal account or paying by credit card through PayPal.  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY THROUGH PAYPAL (I know I’m yelling).

We are currently accepting checks or money orders made out to NorCal MedTac if you are a business.  We will always accept cash as well (taxation is theft).