Defensive Carbine 101, 2.13.22 (Morgan Hill, CA)


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Hand guns are best to use to get to our long guns.  Defensive Carbine 101 is a one-day, eight (8) hour course designed to give students the fundamentals of operating their rifle in closer (25 yards and in) defensive engagements.  Students will gain a solid understanding of basic rifle operation, sight offset, multiple threat engagement, weapon transitions, basics of cover, and simple linear movement.  Defensive Carbine 101 will focus on home and close up engagements with cover vs. concealment, ballistics, and shoot vs. non-shoot being discussed and drilled on.

Equipment needed:

  • Desire to learn.
  • Pen and paper.
  • Eye/ear protection, hat to deflect brass, sunscreen if outdoors.
  • Personal water supply.
  • Defensive rifle with appropriate sling for weapon transitions.
  • Defensive handgun (.32 caliber or higher) with strong side kydex holster and sturdy gun belt.
  • 500 rounds for rifle.
  • 100 rounds for pistol.
  • Dual magazine holder for pistol magazines.
  • 3-5 pistol magazines.
  • 3-5 rifle magazines.
  • Rifle magazine carrier (we ask that you have some way to carry at least 1-2 extra rifle magazines on you.  You do not need to buy a huge plate carrier for this class).
  • Personal “Blow-out Kit” or first aid kit (optional).
  • Knee/elbow pads (optional).