Defensive Shotgun 101 (Morgan Hill, CA) 6.29.24 0800-1700


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Location: Coyote Valley Sporting Clays 1000 San Bruno Ave, Morgan Hill, CA

Defensive Shotgun 101 is a one-day, eight (8) hour course designed to give students the fundamentals of operating their shotgun in closer (25 yards and in) defensive engagements. Students will gain a solid understanding of reloads, malfunction clearances, and weapon transitions, ammunition selection (positive and negatives). Defensive Shotgun 101 will focus on home and close up engagements with cover vs. concealment, ballistics, and shoot vs. non-shoot being discussed and drilled on.

  • Desire to learn.
  • Pen and paper.
  • Eye/ear protection, hat to deflect brass, sunscreen if outdoors.
  • Personal water supply.
  • Defensive Shotgun with appropriate sling for weapon transitions and optional side saddle for extra ammunition.
  • Defensive handgun (.32 caliber or higher) with strong side kydex holster and sturdy gun belt.
  • 350 rounds for shotgun (300 bird shot, 25 slug, 25 buckshot).
  • 150 rounds for pistol.
  • Dual magazine holder for pistol magazines.
  • 3 pistol magazines.
  • Personal “Blow-out Kit” or first aid kit (optional).
  • Knee/elbow pads (optional).

***$20 Range Fee Collected Day Of***