Pepper Spray/ Taser Personal Safety Academy 2/28/21


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A four (4) hour  class designed to give you the tools necessary to deter and defend against an attack.

What you will learn:

  • Risk reduction strategies to help discourage potential threats.
  • How to protect yourself at a safe distance.
  • The best self defense technique to escape an attacker.
  • How to protect yourself during high stress encounters.
  • The best techniques to deploy pepper spray safely and effectively
  • The best techniques to deploy a Taser safely and effectively

As a student you will receive during the course:

  • 2 Water Filled, Inert Practice Canisters
  • 1 Live Taser Cartridge (used during class, NO student is “tased”)
  • SABRE Defense Spray with Quick Release Key Ring
  • Survivor Skills for Smart Living
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Classroom Time + Hands On Training