Tactical Medicine 103 1/15-1/16 (King City)


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Tactical Medicine 103 is a two-day (2), sixteen to twenty (16-20) hour course which combines Tactical Medicine and Basic Defensive Pistol/Carbine/Shotgun topics along with lecture of survival principals and preparation. Students will enhance their pistol skills while also combining medical skills and their disaster preparedness.

Students do need to be aware that DM103 is  physical course and students can be expected to kneel and work on ground as well as drag 150lbs dummy in exercises.

Topics include:

• Basic understanding of violent trauma on the body.
• Major killers of violent trauma.
• Skills necessary to mitigate violent wounds.
• What tools/equipment you actually need in your personal kit.
• Basic gun handling while in a pair or small unit.
• Prioritizing hostile and trauma threats.
• What to expect from different types of disasters.
• What is your realistic plan for survival given different disaster scenarios.

Students are required to have completed Defensive Medicine 101 or equivalent.

EMTs, Paramedics twelve (12) hours of CE credit available.  Due to the live fire nature of this course you must have completed our Defensive Pistol 101, or Defensive Carbine 101, or Defensive Shotgun 101, or have proof of completion of other equal or greater pistol training. Tactical Medicine 101 (or previous Defensive Medicine 101) is also a prereq unless you are a paramedic.  Any questions please contact us.

Equipment list:
• Desire to learn.
• Pen/paper.
• Lunch.
• Defensive handgun with appropriate kydex holster.
• 800 rounds of ammunition (or rifle/shotgun with extra handgun ammunition)
• 4-6 magazines for your handgun (or rifle/shotgun equivalent)
• Hat to deflect brass.
• Personal water supply.