Fox Labs Pepper Spray

So stoked.  Our new pepper sprays arrived today just hours before we head out of state.  I like to go through and make sure the family has new canisters every year.  I know different companies boast different shelf lives and different expiration dates but when it really comes down to it buying a few each year does not hurt our budget so why chance it.

We changed over from Fox Labs 5.3 formula to their newer “mean green” line.  As always I went with purchasing the key chain size.  The .53oz key chain model per their literature will give us 10-12 ½ seconds sprays at 3,000,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units).  They added a green dye to this one to make assailant identification easier for law enforcement.  Remember the percentage on a canister mean nothing.  It’s the actual heat units that measure the effectiveness.

We’ll be using up our older ones and one of the new ones when we get back from out of state.  I find it always a good idea to buy one extra and have everyone spray it to re-familiarize themselves with how they work and the distance and pattern.  I like to buy direct from Fox Labs,

Author: Brannon

Brannon is the owner and lead instructor of NorCal MedTac.