Armorer & Firearms Maintenance Classes

As part of our ongoing commitment to firearms safety and education, NorCal MedTac will be offering a wide range of armorer and basic firearms maintenance classes.

Part of responsibility of owning a firearm is making sure it is in top condition regardless of the role it has in your life. Personal defense, sport, competition, hunting or just plain target shooting all make critical demands on a firearm.

We want you to have confidence in your abilities as well as your tools.

Basic maintenance, cleaning and armorer level classes are in the works. Stay tuned for more information as the classes are formed!

Sabre Pepper Spray Classes Available

A new self-defense class has been added to the NorCal MedTac Defensive Courses T-CL-HM-80 Blackroster; Pepper Spray Personal Safety Academy.  This three (3) hour class is designed to give you the tools necessary to deter and defend against an attack.

Two sessions are currently available, hosted through in Santa Cruz. Click the courses below to go to & sign up.

Pepper Spray Certification Course: April 21, 2013 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Civilian Personal Safety Academy: Thursday, May 2 2013 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Includes Pepper Spray and Taser Certifications)

Reminder: Sabre Pepper Spray now available on our Products page. Prices include shipping.

Website Changes and new facebook and tumblr pages

Thanks to the hard work of a few instructors the website and new facebook business page are starting to look good.

You may have noticed that we have updated the calendar to reflect our actual availability.  We hope that this will allow those wishing private training the opportunity to know when dates are open so that they can immediately request them to get on the schedule.  As well we have added three new classes; Women’s Only Defensive Pistol 101, Intro Handgun, and Intro Rifle.  We want students to have every opportunity to begin their training in a comfortable setting and at their pace.  So please check them both out under the defensive courses tab.

We are happy to announce that we now can accept credit cards through Paypal.  Just select the checkout with paypal option and you can use Visa, MC, Discover, or AMEX.

We are using social media more and more.  Please visit our pages on the following sites:



We’ve gone international!

Very excited that last Friday I was able to do my first “international” lesson with an exchange student from Italy.  At first I wasn’t sure if there was too much of a language barrier but with the way the shots ended up I think it came through just fine in translation.

July Defensive Pistol 102

We just completed and great Defensive Pistol 102 last weekend.  We had eight awesome students that showed up ready to learn.  One of the first things I asked of them is to put themselves in a mindset that every shot meant their life or the life of a loved one.  I asked them to be agressive in every task they performed for the two days.  They responded and then some.  With only eight participants the pace was fast and hard and extra drilled added until we reached an average round count of 1200 rounds a  person.  We went as a group from reinforcing fundementals to full fighting drills with a handgun and moving in a team wiht no 180 degree range rule needed due to professional gun handling exhibited by all.  It was a great two days that I hope all took a lot home from.

Teaching Young Women to Shoot

CIMG1816We had a great opportunity to visit the LDS girls camp in Boulder Creek last week.  We did basic firearms safety, fundamentals of marksmenship, and let them shoot some .22 rifles.  We had 35 girls ages 12-17 out there.  Guys watch out!  There were some shooters in that group.

Get Some Medical Training

We put up a lot of pictures and comments on Facebook about our thoughts and activities on the defensive side of the training house.  However, when I look back at the last couple years we have already had the biggest impact on the medical side.


We do our best regardless of which class we are teaching to bring home the idea of community involvement on many levels.  Being responsible for yourself, your family, friends, and neighbors should be priorities for every citizen regardless of location.  Recent events both man and nature made have consistently shown us that government services are quickly overwhelmed in times of large disaster and can take a while to catch up.


That preparedness begins with medical and emergency preparedness to me.  Absolutely, we need the defensive training for ALL members of the family but we ALL need the medical and preparedness side of it as well.  There are many more daily opportunities to make a difference in our and our communities lives by gaining medical training.


Recently I had a gentleman I had trained come to me with a story of how he had used the training he received from us abroad in a severe situation.  It served to reinforce to me why I as an instructor am out here.  As a paramedic I still find though too many incidents where there are sick or injured people and those around can do nothing except call 911 and stand there mouths open.


Please find any sort of training from someone and complete it.  Whether it is from us, or another group.  We are each other only real hope in time of true crisis.

Fox Labs Pepper Spray

So stoked.  Our new pepper sprays arrived today just hours before we head out of state.  I like to go through and make sure the family has new canisters every year.  I know different companies boast different shelf lives and different expiration dates but when it really comes down to it buying a few each year does not hurt our budget so why chance it.

We changed over from Fox Labs 5.3 formula to their newer “mean green” line.  As always I went with purchasing the key chain size.  The .53oz key chain model per their literature will give us 10-12 ½ seconds sprays at 3,000,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units).  They added a green dye to this one to make assailant identification easier for law enforcement.  Remember the percentage on a canister mean nothing.  It’s the actual heat units that measure the effectiveness.

We’ll be using up our older ones and one of the new ones when we get back from out of state.  I find it always a good idea to buy one extra and have everyone spray it to re-familiarize themselves with how they work and the distance and pattern.  I like to buy direct from Fox Labs,