Get Some Medical Training

We put up a lot of pictures and comments on Facebook about our thoughts and activities on the defensive side of the training house.  However, when I look back at the last couple years we have already had the biggest impact on the medical side.


We do our best regardless of which class we are teaching to bring home the idea of community involvement on many levels.  Being responsible for yourself, your family, friends, and neighbors should be priorities for every citizen regardless of location.  Recent events both man and nature made have consistently shown us that government services are quickly overwhelmed in times of large disaster and can take a while to catch up.


That preparedness begins with medical and emergency preparedness to me.  Absolutely, we need the defensive training for ALL members of the family but we ALL need the medical and preparedness side of it as well.  There are many more daily opportunities to make a difference in our and our communities lives by gaining medical training.


Recently I had a gentleman I had trained come to me with a story of how he had used the training he received from us abroad in a severe situation.  It served to reinforce to me why I as an instructor am out here.  As a paramedic I still find though too many incidents where there are sick or injured people and those around can do nothing except call 911 and stand there mouths open.


Please find any sort of training from someone and complete it.  Whether it is from us, or another group.  We are each other only real hope in time of true crisis.

Author: Brannon

Brannon is the owner and lead instructor of NorCal MedTac.