July Defensive Pistol 102

We just completed and great Defensive Pistol 102 last weekend.  We had eight awesome students that showed up ready to learn.  One of the first things I asked of them is to put themselves in a mindset that every shot meant their life or the life of a loved one.  I asked them to be agressive in every task they performed for the two days.  They responded and then some.  With only eight participants the pace was fast and hard and extra drilled added until we reached an average round count of 1200 rounds a  person.  We went as a group from reinforcing fundementals to full fighting drills with a handgun and moving in a team wiht no 180 degree range rule needed due to professional gun handling exhibited by all.  It was a great two days that I hope all took a lot home from.

Author: Brannon

Brannon is the owner and lead instructor of NorCal MedTac.