Teaching Young Women to Shoot

CIMG1816We had a great opportunity to visit the LDS girls camp in Boulder Creek last week.  We did basic firearms safety, fundamentals of marksmenship, and let them shoot some .22 rifles.  We had 35 girls ages 12-17 out there.  Guys watch out!  There were some shooters in that group.

Get Some Medical Training

We put up a lot of pictures and comments on Facebook about our thoughts and activities on the defensive side of the training house.  However, when I look back at the last couple years we have already had the biggest impact on the medical side.


We do our best regardless of which class we are teaching to bring home the idea of community involvement on many levels.  Being responsible for yourself, your family, friends, and neighbors should be priorities for every citizen regardless of location.  Recent events both man and nature made have consistently shown us that government services are quickly overwhelmed in times of large disaster and can take a while to catch up.


That preparedness begins with medical and emergency preparedness to me.  Absolutely, we need the defensive training for ALL members of the family but we ALL need the medical and preparedness side of it as well.  There are many more daily opportunities to make a difference in our and our communities lives by gaining medical training.


Recently I had a gentleman I had trained come to me with a story of how he had used the training he received from us abroad in a severe situation.  It served to reinforce to me why I as an instructor am out here.  As a paramedic I still find though too many incidents where there are sick or injured people and those around can do nothing except call 911 and stand there mouths open.


Please find any sort of training from someone and complete it.  Whether it is from us, or another group.  We are each other only real hope in time of true crisis.

Fox Labs Pepper Spray

So stoked.  Our new pepper sprays arrived today just hours before we head out of state.  I like to go through and make sure the family has new canisters every year.  I know different companies boast different shelf lives and different expiration dates but when it really comes down to it buying a few each year does not hurt our budget so why chance it.

We changed over from Fox Labs 5.3 formula to their newer “mean green” line.  As always I went with purchasing the key chain size.  The .53oz key chain model per their literature will give us 10-12 ½ seconds sprays at 3,000,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units).  They added a green dye to this one to make assailant identification easier for law enforcement.  Remember the percentage on a canister mean nothing.  It’s the actual heat units that measure the effectiveness.

We’ll be using up our older ones and one of the new ones when we get back from out of state.  I find it always a good idea to buy one extra and have everyone spray it to re-familiarize themselves with how they work and the distance and pattern.  I like to buy direct from Fox Labs,

Ahhh Action Pistol

Another great Action Pistol event today at Scotts Valley Sportsmen’s Club.  Few different events today.  Some shooting from different positions and a little movin n shootin to finish it off.  Almost 30 club members attended today with half of them then going to lunch talking and strengthening the local shooting community.

EDC or Everyday Carry

In the wake our local tragedy in town I have been inundated with requests for different types of training and suggestions on how to go about getting a CCW.  It has prompted me to go ahead and get my “blog” up and running.

I wanted to start with giving some insight as to how I live my life and what I do to protect myself every day.  Growing up and living in Santa Cruz I foolishly believed for most of my life I wasn’t entitled to protect myself or my family.  “It’s okay the police will be there to protect you”.  My career in EMS in Seattle, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz county started to open my eyes that although great men and women; law enforcement cannot be everywhere nor would we want one officer per citizen walking around.  Through my years of working as an EMT and then Paramedic I learned that as the saying goes; “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”.  I started taking up knives and firearms and began carrying pepper spray and knives daily.  My deployment as a Paramedic to New Orleans in the immediate hours through few weeks after Hurricane Katrina opened my eyes to the reality of life.  People when given the opportunity to be lawless can turn to animal type behavior and there is NO ONE that can protect you except for you.  I took my firearms training very seriously after that and sooner than later found myself training others.

So now that we are to the present day in one paragraph let’s talk about EDC.  EDC or Every Day Carry is what you carry on yourself in order to protect you and your family out and about.  Before I really get into it remember this, each person’s EDC is their own and what they view their threats to be and what they can legally carry (or are willing to).  As I read about some people’s EDC I am amazed that they can walk around every day.  Be that the internet is full of amazing Call of Duty players that believe they can take on the world I still wonder if some of the people are serious in what they say they carry.  When I look at some of the items people say they carry I start thinking that it must weigh up to twenty pounds of gear.

Your everyday carry will depend on dress a lot.  I dress more or less the same every day which I am sure most will say that it is without any sense of fashion; oh well.  I believe that I want to carry basically a couple categories of items on me.  If some of these items are cross over then great.

First and hopefully last/worse-case scenario I carry a G19.  I carry predominately in an IWB holster.  I will always carry one spare magazine for it.  This extra magazine is not for some delusional view that if I get into a lethal force encounter I will need all thirty rounds but rather that a quality semi-automatic handguns weakness is its feeding device and the most common cause of a malfunction is ammo/magazine related.  Along the lines of lethal force I carry a K-bar TDI knife.  I view it as the exact same lethal of force as a gun and if I needed lethal force I wouldn’t pull the knife for if they are the same level; use the one that is carries the greatest stand-off distance for you.  The knife, which is worn on my support side, is there to fight someone off my gun if I were stupid enough to let someone know it was there before I deployed it.

Next up I carry a less-than-lethal (LTL) item which is my fox pepper spray.  I use a 11 gram key chain version, never attached to my keys.  If you are ever going to carry pepper spray get sprayed yourself.  Understand its effects on your body and the fact that while terrible you can keep fighting.  Pepper sprayed deployed in self-defense will also affect the defender so be ready.  I also carry a Surefire E2D Defender flashlight.  I include this in the same paragraph as LTL since it covers a few areas.  The E2D is strike rated so it can be used as an impact weapon.  The light is bright, I mean real bright.  Light can be a weapon that disorients, causes discomfort, or just deters bad guys/girls from doing bad things.  I like to light up areas as I walk in the evening or in full darkness.  I believe it gives off a tone that I am aware my attitude is not that of a victim.

Lastly are my Iphone and my digital dog tags.  The phone is obviously not only my lifeline to support (Law) but also can serve as that to deter criminal activity.  Those in some form of contact with people and actively scanning their area are not easy victims.  My digital dog tags are a new item for me.  They take the old concept of military dog tags and give it a modern twist.  Engraved on the outside is all my emergency info.  It houses though, an USB drive that when plugged in at the hospital gives a full run down on who I am and any problems I may have along with medicines, allergies, people to contact, etc.

There is a rundown of my EDC gear and little about me.  Let me know what you thought of my first blog post or anything else at